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Vinyl Floor strip and seal  /  Vinyl Floor cleaning

Vinyl flooring is most commonly found in commercial buildings that require a very tough and durable floor surface with a slip resistant finish. Safety flooring is a high quality vinyl sheet which contains grains of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide in the surface layer. This mixture of grains gives the safety flooring its characteristic appearance and provides the slip resistance and durability. Some vinyl floor and safety floors are protected by a sealer or polish, although generally this is not recommended for high slip risk areas such as kitchen’s or washrooms.
Regular cleaning of safety floor and vinyl flooring is essential to maintain its slip retardant qualities and appearance. With both sealed and un-sealed floors deep cleaning will be required on a regular basis. Deep cleaning safety floor is essential to remove the accumulation of soiling and bacterial that gets trapped and clings to particles in the floor surface.

Professional floor cleaning

Our professional floor cleaning method employs emulsification, heat, low pressure cleaning, and effective capture of the waste or slurry. This enables us to clean and capture the dirt, grime and bacteria in one smooth operation. Our deep cleaning method is perfectly suited to vinyl floor cleaning and safety floor cleaning and can restore the performance and appearance of even the most heavily soiled floors. Our professional floor cleaners are equipped to strip and re-seal previously polished floors for further info contact us.

How to strip and seal a vinyl floor

  When stripping and sealing a vinyl floor there are many problems associated with it and if you don't know what you are doing. Thoroughly wet the area with the stripper in the bucket. The water should always be as hot. Once the stripper solution is down, some steel wool should be used around the edges to remove old polish. Run the scrub length wise and then cross wise to make sure the whole surface area of the floor is covered. Clean mop to clean up any streaks and excess stripper. Once the floor is completely dry, give the floor at least three coats of a suitable polish and wait till the coat is touch dry before applying the next coat.
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