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Terrazzo floor cleaning

Terrazzo floor

Terrazzo is a mixture of marble and Portland cement mixed together. Marble chips are sprinkled on the surface so that a majority of the surface is marble.

The marble part of its surface is almost non-absorbent; however the cement binder is very porous and absorbs stains easily. This is the part of the flooring which will cause you the most grief. In older floors this seems to be the biggest problem, however if you are having a new terrazzo floor installed, the last step of installation is to apply a penetrating sealant approved for terrazzo. This sealant will be absorbed by the concrete pores, greatly reducing the absorption quality of the concrete.


Terrazzo floor tile care

It is important to keep sand and debris off the floor. Sweep the floor often as this debris acts as an abrasive and can damage the floor. Use a cleaner designed or approved for a terrazzo floor. Wet mop the floor allowing the cleaner to remain on the floor for several minutes. For the best results, rinse the cleaner off the floor thoroughly. You may need to change your rinse water a few times. Once the cleaner has been removed towel dry the floor to prevent water streak marks from appearing and to restore the floors natural shine. Do not use any types of wax on your terrazzo floor.


Professional terrazzo floor tile cleaning

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