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Quarry Floor Tiles Cleaning

Quarry tiles

Quarry tiles
Quarry tile is a type of unglazed tile which is known for being inexpensive, very durable, and natural. This type of tile is often used in industrial settings, but it is also appropriate for homes as well. Quarry tiles come in a range of shades which can pair well with a wide variety of design schemes. The manufacturing process for quarry tile involves blending clays with other materials like shale to create a coarse mixture which is run through an extruder to create very dense tiles. After the tiles are cut, they are fired at high temperatures, changing the chemical composition of the clay and creating a heavy, hard tile which is extremely strong. Common shares for quarry tiles are reds and oranges, although grays and sometimes greens are also available. Typically, the bottom side of a quarry tile is ridged to encourage adhesion to grout. The top of the tile has a coarse surface because it is not glazed this surface encourages traction which can be very useful in environments like pathways and kitchens.
 When quarry tile is laid, it is applied over a layer of grouting and then grout is run between the tiles to encourage them to bind together.

Quarry tile cleaning


Cleaning and restoring quarry tiles can be a very difficult job for which there are many proprietary products available. This project concentrates on the many floors from earlier periods which have simply been covered in bitumen and overlaid with vinyl tiles or lino. Once you have removed the existing covering and discovered the thick black, sometimes gooey mess underneath it looks like a daunting prospect but our advice to you is to take it a little at a time and as soon as you have seen a couple of square feet of beautifully clean quarry tiles gleaming up through the greasy mess it will give you the impetus to push on.

Quarry tile cleaning & quarry tile sealing

Now we have latest technology to cleaning quarry tiles and grout, using high presser steam and quarry tile cleaning chemical we can get your old quarry tile as look new again. It create no mess when cleaning quarry tiles and it extracts excess water back through to directly back in to waste tank. We are capable of domestic and commercial quarry tile cleaning in any size area.
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