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Porcelain Tile Transit wax removing and cleaning

how to get the wax off porcelain tiles

Many porcelain tiles these days come with a transit wax; a coating that is intended to offer some protection to the tiles whilst they are in the boxes, during transit (they can scratch each other as they are stacked so closely.)
This wax though can be a problem. It can sometimes help to prevent grout staining but, it does not always easy to remove. it is  NOT a sealer and if the porcelain is one that does need sealing, then this wax will need removing.
 porcelain tile with wax
porcelain tile wax  removing

when you should remove the wax?

it is easy to remove after laying the tiles and grouting
    1. Lay tiles
    2. Grout
    3. Remove wax
    4. Seal.

Why seal?

It will  makes sure that you have done a through job of sealing the tiles and not missed anything, but perhaps more importantly, it also seals the grout, and the grout,
How we can remove wax ?
That can depend on the wax; some waxes respond better to alkaline cleaners while others need a solvent-type stripper. However the vast majority can be removed using a safe abrasive product designed for the job.

Professional wax removing

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