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Porcelain Tile Cleaning

Porcelain tiles 

porcelain tiles

What are porcelain tiles / About Porcelain Tiles?

 Most types of tiles that are made from clay or a mixture of clay and other materials and then kiln-fired call porcelain tiles. Porcelain tile is more scratch resistant than ceramic tile. Also, porcelain tile is fired at higher temperatures, resulting in superior durability and stain resistance. Porcelain unglazed tile is generally made by the dust pressed method from porcelain clays which result in a tile that is dense, impervious and smooth, with a sharply formed face. Porcelain tiles usually have a much lower water absorption rate. Full body porcelain tiles carry the color and pattern through the entire thickness of the tile making them virtually impervious to wear and are suitable for any application.

 Cleaning Porcelain Tile and Grout

porcelain tile cleaning
 Keeping porcelain tile grout free of dust and dry, sandy soil will minimize scratches, wear patterns and grout soiling that can develop from everyday use and traffic.
 Use walk-off mats to trap abrasive soil before it gets into the house or building. Sweeping or vacuuming   surfaces regularly to remove loose soil and dust. Clean the tile grout using warm water and a clean.
 Use a neutral cleaner such as Stone Tile Cleaner that is specially formulated for ceramic, porcelain tile. Do not use ordinary household cleaners, as you may degrade the sealer that was applied to the grout to protect against stains. Professional porcelain tile and grout cleaning Porcelain tile is usually very smooth and easy to keep clean. However, the grout between the tiles is textured and can hold onto dirt and grime. It can also hold in moisture and become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can be dangerous, especially in the homes of people who have allergies to mold and mildew. Keeping the grout between your porcelain tiles clean is important and easy to do if performed regularly. Sealing porcelain tiles sealing the grout between your tiles is important to keep it looking clean. Sealed grout will repel water better and is smoother and easier to sweep. Grout sealer can be purchased commercially as a spray or a liquid that you paint on.

Cleaning porcelain tiles and grout

 porcilane tile cleaning
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