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Pool tile cleaning and acid wash

Pools, spas, and decorative water features, such as fountains and reflecting pools, are wonderful additions for outdoor living that offer aesthetic appeal as well as recreational opportunities. Back yard pools are often the center of family life and entertainment in the summer. Hotel and apartment complex pools provide that value added amenity that keeps customers coming back and residents signing leases. Outdoor and indoor water features for home or business offer a soothing ambiance that is unequaled. With all of these advantages, it's important to keep pools, spas, and water features maintained and looking their most beautiful best.

Pool tile cleaning

In time, every pool will suffer an unappealing build-up of calcium on the tile that appears as a white, crusty deposit that is difficult to remove. Some will try removing it with a pumice stone that is generally ineffective even with considerable effort. Swimming pool tile cleaning soap simply doesn't work at all to remove calcium deposits. Pressure washing can be effective but has the disadvantage of blasting off any loose tiles along with the calcium.

Acid wash

Acid washing is a procedure that will remove algae, rust, and other stains and discolorations from plaster pool and water feature surfaces. It essentially removes a small amount of the outermost surface of the plaster to reveal a fresh, clean surface. With most plaster surfaces being about one half inch deep, several acid wash swimming pool treatments are possible before the need to re-plaster. It is recommended to have an acid wash done about every five years by a professional service.

Professional pool tile cleaning
Older pools, spas, and water features can be restored to their original beauty and function by professional pool service companies. Thorough, professional cleaning, plaster repair, masonry restoration and sealing, painting, and more are possible options to keep your water feature looking fabulous.
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