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limestone cleaning

What is limestone tile?
Limestone is one of the most porous natural stones in nature. This high porosity makes it more susceptible to absorption of oils, dirt and grime than other natural stones. You would find it absorbing stains very easily. Most of the times it even absorbs stain from the dye in many grouts. So, before you grout the stone, an appropriate Impregnator must be used as a release. This allows you to have the best possible construction site protection.
How to seal limestone tiles ?
Application of impregnators doesn’t change the natural look of the stone. What the impregnator does is that it resists grout dye absorption, quickens up the removal of grout residue and during construction it also protects the limestone from stains. If you’re looking for a timeless, durable floor that is pleasing to the eye, then limestone may be the perfect choice. It’s softer than marble and enhances rooms that are more rustic or antique in style. Most people don’t realize that limestone is also tougher and more heavy-duty than a lot of other types of flooring. It is really very similar to marble since both stones are made from calcium carbonate, which is shellfish that fell down to the bottom of the ocean and were compressed. If this rugged floor has been treated and sealed right after installation, limestone will last for years and look like new if it’s well taken care of.

Limestone floor tile cleaning 


Our Limestone Cleaning method involves a stages process.
The first stage is deep pore cleaning. We use a penetrating mild alkaline formulation to penetrate the pores of the Limestone to break down in ground dirt and soiling and turn it into a water soluble solution We then proceed to rinse the floor with lots of clean fresh hot water. This is vacuumed away immediately by high powered water vacuums to stop any inherent secondary damage problem caused by water. We have many years experience in cleaning stone floors.
How to clean limestone tile?
              We are able to clean, strip, seal & polish all types of stone flooring and the grout lines in between. Stone flooring (especially natural) can be very expensive to buy and have fitted professionally. It is important to have it deep cleaned on a fairly regular basis to help maintain its appearance. We are able to clean & restore the following types of stone floors including terracotta, quarry tiles, limestone, terrazzo, marble, granite, slate, travertine, sandstone etc. If your stone floor is in need of more serious restoration we work along side another company specialising in natural stone floor restoration.
They offer services including diamond grinding, polishing & lippage removal to restore stone floors back to a mirror finish. Please contact us for more details.

Limestone sealing / resealing  

How often should you re-seal limestone tile ? Sealing stone, when done properly, should not need repeating for at least 5 years and to reseal a natural stone floor special stone seal removers can be bought. A natural stone floor can keep its natural finish for a lifetime if looked after properly. To ensure that this is true make sure you have the right products for your natural stone floor.

cleaning Limestone tile

Caring for a limestone floor is very simple. As soon as you see a spill, get it up with an absorbent, paper towel or cloth. Sticky residue can be removed with a damp sponge dipped in a few drops of dish detergent. Sweeping and mopping regularly is usually all it takes to keep this natural floor looking beautiful. It’s important to sweep up any loose leaves, sand or other dirt every day. If these are left on the floor too long, they will scratch the limestone. Using a dust mop with microfiber cloths is a better choice than a broom. You can mop with either plain warm water or add a small amount of floor cleaning liquid specially formulated for use on limestone floors which contains a pH neutral component. When mopping, rinse the floor thoroughly and then dry it with a soft, clean cloth. Leaving behind too much cleaner or soap can produce a film and cause streaks. It’s also important to change out your rinse water several times while mopping. Limestone tile care tip Textured floors may need to be vacuumed to remove all loose debris. You can use the vacuum cleaner attachments for those hard to reach areas. A few things to avoid on limestone are products that contain lemon juice or vinegar. Also, stay away from cleaners that have abrasive agents in them or any ammonia-based cleaners.
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How to Cleaning and maintaining Limestone  floor tiles ?
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Limestone driveway cleaning before and after

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