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Pressure Washing A pressure washer is a mechanical sprayer that uses high-pressure water to clean and remove mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles, and concrete road surfaces. Equipment can be rented or bought that produces pressures from 50 bars (750psi) up to 1200 bars (30,000psi) or more. Patio Cleaning - Driveway Cleaning - Brick weave Cleaning - Pressure Washing Please note - We use a very powerful high pressure water cleaning system many times more powerful than all electric DIY pressure washers. We specialize in high pressure water cleaning outdoor surfaces including brick weave driveways, block paving, paving slabs, crazy paving, pathways, patios, decking, wooden garden furniture, walls, buildings etc. Dirt, algae and moss will build up over the years and hide beautiful outdoor features. Our system removes this build-up and brings out the beauty once again. As well as looking unsightly this problem can be dangerous by becoming very slippery when wet. In the Australian outdoor hard surfaces are a perfect breeding ground for slippery moss & algae. Wet winters with long dark hours enable algae to thrive. Around your home or business keeping walkways clean and safe is very important for health and safety reasons. We are able to clean slippery surfaces and apply anti-fungicidal treatments to kill off algae and moss greatly slowing down its re-growth. Because of the high pressure equipment we use plain water is all we use for most jobs. Slippery surface cleaning algae prevention treatments Brickweave, block paving, crazy paving, driveway cleaning, re-sanding , sealing Paving slab cleaning, re-sanding Wooden decking cleaning Imprinted concrete cleaning Wall, fence, path cleaning Garden furniture cleaning Swimming pool cleaning , swimming pool tile , grout cleaning Pressure Washing Services Pressure washing is a safe and simple means of removing the stains and overall dullness that will inevitably develop on any building over the years. With no toxic chemicals or harsh substances used, Pressure Washing For A Like-New Surface If you own a home, you probably understand exactly how much effort it takes to keep the place clean and looking nice, both inside and out. Even with all your efforts, though, the exterior of your home can start to look run down and even downright dirty over the years. You may think first of repainting or resurfacing. Our professionals come to your home and clean any surface you may need done without you having to even raise a finger. This is probably the best option for those with a busy schedule or who will only be doing this from time to time. Commercial Pressure Washing A great thing about pressure washers is that they have many different uses. They are great for cleaning areas of your home both inside and out, such as driveways and decks. When harder tasks are at hand, commercial pressure washers will be used most of the time. Usually for commercial pressure washing, hot water is used. For this reason, commercial pressure washers can be used with both hot water as well as cold. They also come with many other options in terms of equipment and attachments such as extensions wands, wash brushes, foam applicators and soap screens, wed sand blast kits and many others. Of course they can also be used with heavy duty cleaning solutions. This means that they are able to handle virtually any type of job. Pressure Wash Driveway Pressure washing your driveway you are going to have to get a pressure washer. You will need a pretty strong one, so many of the smaller home versions might not deliver the results you are looking for. You want to find a pressure washer that sprays with at least 3000 psi. This high pressure is strong enough to lift the types of dirt and stains that you are trying to get rid of. For the type of sludgy, oil stain dirt your car can leave behind, a hot water pressure washer is what you will need to handle the job. Some of your stains may be so bad that you will need to use a cleaner to pre-treat them. You can also use a cleaning solution for the whole surface if it is very dirty or you want to get it extra clean.   /* var google_conversion_id = 1021578720;var google_conversion_language = "en";var google_conversion_format = "2";var google_conversion_color = "ffffff";var google_conversion_label = "isriCNas3wEQ4JuQ5wM";var google_conversion_value = 0;if (.01) {  google_conversion_value = .01;}/* ]]> */">"/>
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