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Natural Stone Tile Cleaning & Polishing   

We offer services to corporate and private clients for the maintenance and restoration of Marble, Limestone, Granite Quarry Tiles and almost all other types of natural stone. The services we offer shouldn't be confused with "cleaning" although we do offer a stone cleaning and polishing service. Marble and natural stone restoration is a highly skilled job as stone can be ruined very easily by inexperienced tradesmen.

Marble, Limestone and natural stone Cleaning and polishing services.

 We are a company who specializes in floor cleaning polishing of all marble and natural stone floors, walls, bathrooms and surfaces, both interior and exterior. We cover Melbourne and up to a 50 mile radius but will travel for larger projects so where ever you are, We have been carrying out marble and natural stone cleaning for many years and have excellent references and to ensure our prices are the best you will find we are offering a great discount with all on-line quotes.

Clean and seal marble and limestone surfaces.  I

interior marble cleaning -
 marble floor cleaning, walls, bathrooms, fireplaces, staircases and vanity tops. Marble floor cleaning Exterior marble cleaning - We clean, seal and renovate exterior marble, marble steps, staircases and surfaces.
Anti Slip treatments- ideal for business premises and hotels. A highly polished marble surface can still retain the same shine, but have an Anti slip surface. get stone care products for marble and limestone surfaces Domestic home owners and Trade customers welcome! Marble tile care Marble Cleaning and polishing for floors is by far our most popular service.
Marble care
Looking after your marble floors is very important and can save you money in the long run. Marble floors are prone to taking stains and dirt and they scratch very easily so protecting your marble regularly and keeping your marble floors sealed will give you a beautiful looking floor for many years to come. We also offer a maintenance service to keep your marble floors looking great all year round.
We give a no obligation quotation and you can be sure we do an honest and professional job. call us now to get a quotation 0410996983 Marble, Limestone and natural stone cleaning, Polishing and restoration services For a free quotation email us your details or call 0410996983  
Please Contact Us for a free, no obligation quotation and to discuss your specific tile cleaning requirements. Tile cleaning Melbourne, tile and grout cleaning Melbourne  , tile sealing Melbourne