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Limestone tile cleaning Melbourne
limestone tile  cleaning melbourne
Limestone - Cleaning and Sealing
Limestone Maintenance
How To Clean Limestone

to clean limestone and care for your limestone floors it can be a relatively simple task. However, you do need to take care with stone like limestone as it is prone to damage by acid and acidic-based products since it is a calcium-based product. Limestone, in general terms, is relatively soft when compared to say granite. This means that it is always sensible to consider wear prevention.

1. Ensure that your limestone is sealed with a high quality product to help protect wear and tear.

2. Make sure you try and eliminate grit from the limestone floor as this is the main cause of wear and tear to a limestone floor. Place dust mats inside and outside the room to remove grit from shoes and to help prevent the transfer onto the floor.

3. Vacuum and sweep the limestone floor on a regular basis.

4. Clean up any spillages as quickly as possible and don’t allow them to dwell and hence stain the stone.

5. Clean the limestone floor regularly using a mild and neutral cleaner.

6. Once a quarter conduct a deep clean using a high quality alkaline cleaner.
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